23.3.0 | 23.3.1

Released 24-Sep-2021

Release Notes



New vehicles have been added to the AASHTO Rating and Caltrans libraries.



Steel frame design according to the AASHTO 2020 LRFD code has been added.

Output and Display


Moving load response recovery has been sped up by means of multi-threading for database tables and the bridge object response display.


Superstructure design calculation reports are now available for multicell concrete box and concrete T-beam bridges according to the IRC code.


Released 19-May-2021

Release Notes



Staged-construction operations Pour Concrete and Remove Forms are now available for Super-T bridge sections. Using these operations, the weight of the wet concrete slab can be applied to the girders in one stage, and the stiffness of the cured slab activated in a subsequent stage.



The response-spectrum function according to the Chinese JTG/T 2231-01-2020 code has been added.



Performance has been improved for models with frame elements in the presence of many load patterns. This includes speed increases in stiffness formation, event determination, and state-update operations. Nonlinear static, staged-construction, and nonlinear direct-integration time-history load cases will benefit the most.


Speed improvements have been made for calculating joint-reaction response for influence-based moving-load cases.


Released 15-Mar-2021

Release Notes

Application Programming Interface (API)

CSiBridge v23.1.0 Enhancements Application Programming Interface (API)

Improved performance and examples for remote API and COM clients.


CSiBridge v23.1.0 Enhancements Loading

Temperature gradient loading has been added according to the IRC:6-2017 code.

CSiBridge v23.1.0 Enhancements Loading 1

Automatic bridge wind loading has been added according to the IRC:6-2017 code.

CSiBridge v23.1.0 Enhancements Loading 2

The IRC vehicle library has been expanded to include the Special Vehicle (SV), Fatigue Truck (40T), and 70R Tracked vehicle per the IRC:6-2017 code.


Released 25-Jan-2021

Release Notes


Learn more about the latest enhancements in CSiBridge v23.0.0.


CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Analysis

Speed improvements to moving load analysis on spine models containing many influence points.

CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Analysis 1

Speed improvements nonlinear static, nonlinear multi-step static, and nonlinear direct-integration time-history cases using the advanced or multi-threaded solvers.


CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating

Precast Super-T girder design has been implemented according to the NZTA Bridge Manual.


CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler

Layout lines can now be defined using point-of-intersection data.

CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler 1

New Super-T girder and bridge-section definitions have been added, including detailed tendon layout.

CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler 2

Job scripting has been added to allow automating several analysis, design and reporting actions into a single command in order to expedite iterative tasks.

User Interface

CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Application Programming Interface (API)

Database tables can now be accessed via the API for both editing and display purposes.

Cloud Licensing

CSiBridge v23.0.0 Enhancements Cloud Licensing

Cloud-based licensing is now standard for CSiBridge.

  1. • Cloud-based server requires no setup
  2. • Access licenses outside of company networks and VPNs
  3. • Share licenses between users (non-simultaneous)
  4. • Check-out a license to work offline
Cloud FAQ


Released 20-Oct-2020

Release Notes


CSiBridge Enhancements 22.2.0 Loading

Korean vehicle library available


CSiBridge 22.2.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating

Detailed design-calculation reports for Concrete T-beam bridge sections per AASHTO LRFD

CSiBridge Enhancements 22.2.0 Design & Rating

AASHTO steel I and U-girder vertical position of longitudinal stiffeners for service and constructability checks

CSiBridge 22.2.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating 1

Detailed design-calculation reports for Steel I-girder bridge sections per CAN/CSA-S6


CSiBridge 22.2.0 Enhancements Analysis

Improved handling of equilibrium unbalances and additional controls for non-iterative event-to-event analyses

CSiBridge Enhancements 22.2.0 Analysis

  • Speed improvements for nonlinear cases with multi-threaded solver
  • Speed improvements in the recovery of analysis results

Database Tables

CSiBridge 22.2.0 Enhancements Database Tables

Automatic tabular output to multiple files


Released 6-Jun-2020

Release Notes

Output and Display

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Graphics

Enhancements made to 2D graphics in DirectX now generate clearer views much faster

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Graphics 1

Recovery of nonlinear static and direct-integration results has been optimized


CSiBridge Enhancements 22.1.0 Design & Rating

Non-zero tension limits for concrete slabs can now be specified for the service checks of steel I-girder and U-girder bridges

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating

Chinese concrete box-girder bridge design has been updated and enhanced to the JTG 3362-2018 code from the 2004 version

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating 1

Consideration of rebar development length in superstructure design/rating now available per AASHTO LRFD, CAN/CSA-S6, and EUROCODE codes


CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Modeling

Bridge-rail interaction modeling is now available, including nonlinear supports representing ballast and clips. Support properties can vary under vehicle load.

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Modeling 1

Steel U-girder section editor is now available for easier definition of plate sizes and vertical web stiffeners.

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Modeling 2

Nonlinear shell analysis is now possible for metals using von Mises (J2) plasticity in layered shells.

User Interface

CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Application Programming Interface (API)

The API can now start and control instances of SAP2000 on remote computers, including the retrieval of results. This enables distributed processing for running large suites of Performance-based Design histories, extensive parameter studies, and Monte Carlo simulations.


CSiBridge 22.1.0 Enhancements Loading

Auto wind loads on area objects can now be distributed to adjoining frames


Released 15-Jan-2020

Release Notes

Parametric Bridge Modeling

CSiBridge 22.0.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler

Web- and flange-plate layouts can be printed for steel I-girder bridges, including comprehensive dimensions and steel-weight quantities. The location of stiffeners and diaphragms that define the shear panels are shown on the drawings. The number of spans shown per sheet can be customized.

Structural Components

CSiBridge 22.0.0 Enhancements Structural Model

Parametrically defined detailed foundations, including soil springs, can now be added to a model


CSiBridge 22.0.0 Enhancements Analysis

Load cases within a single model can now be run in parallel using multiple machines and combined on a single machine


Released 15-Nov-2019

Release Notes


CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating

Concrete box girder bridge design request to determine required tendon area to satisfy stresses under permanent and service load conditions is now available

CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Bridge Design & Rating 1

Steel frame rating has been added for axial demands and user specified resistances

Output and Display

CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Results Display & Output

Load combination results are now available on a step-by-step basis for linear load combinations containing one or more stepped load cases

CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Results Display & Output 1

Nonlinear energy component output is now available per group for nonlinear load cases

Parametric Bridge Modeling

CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler

Ability to specify steel I-girder plate sizes and web stiffeners prior to running analysis, design, or rating


CSiBridge 21.2.0 Enhancements Analysis

Analysis errors, warnings, and informational messages are now stored and shown after the analysis completes, as well as accessible via database tables


Released 22-Aug-2019

Release Notes

Output and Display

CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Efficiency

Faster display of results from modal time-history load cases, including FNA, for large models with many modes.


CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Design

  • Concrete superstructure design according to the Indian IRC-2011 code for flat slab and T-beam bridge sections
  • Concrete superstructure design according to the Indian IRC-2011 code now calculates the required reinforcement quantity.

CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Design 1

  • Detailed reports for CAN/CSA S6 steel I-girder bridge strength design requests
  • Detailed reports for AASHTO steel U-girder bridge strength and service design and rating requests


CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Analysis

Analysis can now run multiple load cases in parallel. This is particularly efficient for considering large suites of earthquakes in Performance-Based Design.

Parametric Bridge Modeling

CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler

Quick bridge template enhanced to remember previous settings and provide additional options when creating a new bridge model

CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler 1

Bridge modeler can now generate multiple pairs of braces for steel cross-frames

CSiBridge 21.1.0 Enhancements Bridge Modeler 2

Bridge modeler now allows detailed definition of foundations at the bottom of bent columns, including soil springs

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Released 19-Feb-2019

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