CSiXRevit is a plugin for Autodesk® Revit® that enables bi-directional data transfer to CSI Software products: SAP2000® , ETABS® and SAFE® .

Overview - DataTransfer 1

Users have full control over what model data gets transferred and how that data gets mapped to equivalent objects in either software.

CSiXRevitTM requires its own license to run.

Structural modeling can be done in ETABS®, SAP2000® or SAFE® or in Revit® and then later be synched up.

Supported Workflows

Supported Workflows

CSiXRevit supports four (4) main workflows of data transfer with Revit:

Supported Workflows #2

  1. Exporting from Revit to create a new CSI Software model
  2. Exporting from Revit to update an existing CSI Software model
  3. Importing from CSI Software to create a new Revit Model
  4. Importing from CSI Software to update an existing Revit Model

Data Transfer

Data Transfer

The user has full control over what model information will be transferred between CSI Software models and Revit models.

Intermediate Data Exchange

All CSI products use the same intermediate data exchange file (.exr) to control model data exchange.

Parametric Mapping

CSiXRevit will support both direct section mapping of standard steel sections and also parametric sections that have been defined in Revit.

Parametric Section Property Generation for Revit® Families

Supported Interoperability

CSiXRevit offers numerous interactions between various CSI software and third-party products.