Released 15-Mar-2021

Release Notes


CSiPlant 6.2.0 Drafting Enhancements

Smart drafting improvements now warn for conflicting flange/valve components and unintended support placement.

CSiPlant 6.2.0 Drafting Enhancements 1

Easily select from among multiple objects connected or overlapping at the same location.

CSiPlant 6.2.0 Drafting Enhancements 2

New replicate command speeds pipeline generation.

Output and Display

CSiPlant 6.2.0 Results Display and Output Enhancements

Apply custom filters to table displays to quickly view specific results.

CSiPlant 6.2.0 Results Display and Output Enhancements 1

See what matters most. Hide internal objects in table displays.


CSiPlant 6.2.0 Analysis Enhancements

Design cases have been streamlined, significantly reducing overall analysis time.

Import and Export

CSiPlant 6.2.0 External Import and Export Enhancements

Control the inclusion of support moments while exporting reactions to SAP2000.


Released 30-Nov-2020

Release Notes


CSiPlant 6.1.0 Structural Model Enhancements

Distributed Supports

Capture the behavior of continuously supported pipes and frames including buried pipelines. Supports can model nonlinear behavior such as softening, gaps and hysteresis.


CSiPlant 6.1.0 Drafting Enhancements 2

Replicate and mirror frame and point objects along with their assigned properties and loads.

CSiPlant 6.1.0 Drafting Enhancements

Quickly assign flanges to ends of valves in a single operation.

CSiPlant 6.1.0 Drafting Enhancements 1

Draw objects with offsets measured from the elbow TIP and tee branch point.


CSiPlant 6.1.0 Graphics Enhancements

Display Dimensions Graphically

Measure angles, lengths and areas directly in your model.


Released 21-Jul-2020

Release Notes


CSiPlant 6.0.0 Design Enhancements 1

Design results can now be graphically viewed including the display of DCR values

CSiPlant 6.0.0 Design Enhancements

The 2018 version of the following design codes have been added: ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and ASME B31.8

Output and Display

CSiPlant 6.0.0 Results Display and Output Enhancements

When viewing deformed shape, the option to see the undeformed wire frame is now available


CSiPlant 6.0.0 Drafting Enhancements

Previous selections in drafting menus are now preserved for faster modeling

User Interface

CSiPlant 6.0.0 User Interface Enhancements

Simplified options when displaying results to exclude intermediate load cases not directly used for design

CSiPlant 6.0.0 User Interface Enhancements 1

Results of intermediate load cases are now available through Show Intermediate Result options

CSiPlant 6.0.0 User Interface Enhancements 2

Table Output display enhanced to include ability to filter and show/hide


CSiPlant 6.0.0 Analysis Enhancements

Calculation of friction forces has been enhanced for Line Stop, Vertical Stop, and Guide supports to include friction along the resultant direction of motion rather than separately in two orthogonal directions


Released 19-Mar-2020

Release Notes


CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements Analysis

Added ability to apply external pressure

CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements Analysis 1

New pressure application types, such as Linear, Spatial, Z Gradient

Import and Export

CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements SAP2000 Compatibility

Import structural models and export support reactions between SAP2000 v22 and CSiPlant.


CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements Design

Added B31.8 2016 Design Codes with Collapse Check per API 1111

CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements Design 1

Bulk Assignment of Design Properties

CSiPlant 5.2.0 Enhancements Design 2

Custom Elbow/Flex factors for elbows

5.1.1 | 5.1.2

Released 4-Nov-2019

Release Notes


CSiPlant 5.1.1|5.1.2 Enhancements Modeling

Material libraries expanded


Released 9-Jul-2019

Release Notes

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements User Interface

Reverse the flow direction of any pipeline

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements User Interface 1

Pipe and frame loads can be displayed independently of each other

Import and Export

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements External Import/Export

SAP2000 imported mass sources can be edited to include pipe properties such as insulation, lining, cladding and pipe content.

Output and Display

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements Results Display & Output

Ability to limit display of reactions for particular DOFs

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements Graphics

Valve operator graphics have been added

CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements Results Display & Output 1

Joint displacements can be shown with a right click on any joint in the deformed shape model


CSiPlant 5.1.0 Enhancements Design

Flange leakage checks are incorporated into the design of piping