Matrix Structural Analysis and Dynamics

By Mario Paz

ISBN 978-0923907259

Professor Mario Paz’s latest textbook offers a thoroughly updated look at matrix structural analysis, thoughtfully integrating theoretical discussions with practical engineering problems. CSI’s SAP2000 software is used throughout the book to demonstrate the connection between theory and practice, which makes this book an ideal read for anyone interested in expanding their understanding of modern computational analysis. The book is organized into nine chapters, starting with the analysis of simple beams. Subsequent chapters present the analysis of more complex two- and three-dimensional frame structures, subjected to both static and dynamic loading. The final chapter in this nearly 500-page book introduces the reader to the topic of finite method analysis as a natural extension of matrix structural analysis. A trial version of SAP2000 is available from the developer, Computers and Structures, Inc., allowing readers to create and solve the problems illustrated in the book.

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