Building Support Structures

By Wolfgang Schueller

ISBN 978-0923907754

This textbook provides a unique and comprehensive perspective on the analysis and design of structures. Striving to bridge the gap between how engineers and architects view structural support, this book’s numerous examples employing SAP2000 software illustrate how modern analysis software can provide a common language for understanding and exploring structural behavior. Using an organic approach where the structure both supports as well as defines the building space, the book leverages the technology to help readers comprehend the behavior of a wide range of structural systems, from long-span bridges to high-rise buildings, subjected to many types of loads. Approximate hand calculations utilizing simplified mathematics are employed to confirm the results. Both the practicing building designer and the student of architecture or engineering will find this book a useful reference. A trial version of SAP2000 is available from the developer, Computers and Structures, Inc.

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