The 11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering

The 11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering


Celebrating the Grandeur and Glory of Our Profession

Tuesday, June 26 | 8am to 10am

Ashraf Habibullah's keynote address shared his intense passion and enthusiasm for the earthquake engineering profession. He focused on the invaluable socio-economic contributions that earthquake engineering professionals make to humanity. From the protection of life and property to the preservation of peace and stability, the impacts of our profession are vital and should be both applauded and celebrated. The audience left with a renewed appreciation for the ways in which our profession makes the world a safer and better place to live, for all of us today and for countless generations to come.


In Honor of Their Unquantifiable Contributions to Earthquake Engineering

Proudly Hosted by CSI

Thursday, June 28 | 6pm to 11pm

CSI hosted an unforgettable evening, celebrating the invaluable contributions of Ray Clough and Edward Wilson to the earthquake engineering profession. The numerical methods conceived and implemented by Clough and Wilson changed and advanced the course of engineering analysis not only for earthquake engineering and structural dynamics but also for structural engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, and geotechnical engineering. There is hardly any engineering specialty that has not benefited from their work. Guests enjoyed endless food, cocktails, and live entertainment as we honored the lives and accomplishments of these pioneers of our profession.