Traditional Licensing

Traditional licensing is our most popular option. With traditional licensing you are granted a license (either standalone or network) for each product that you have purchased. You own the license in perpetuity, but it must be renewed periodically by contacting CSI or by using our electronic licensing service. This for your protection and for the protection of the software. If your software is upgraded to a new level or version, a new license is issued, which replaces your original license. Additionally, with the purchase of each new software license, you will be required to purchase a one-year Maintenance Agreement. An active Maintenance Agreement entitles you to technical support and free software upgrades. It is optional after the first year. For more information about Maintenance, visit the Maintenance FAQ.

For additional information regarding licensing implementation and installation please see, CSI Licensing Implementation and Installation.

For pricing, please contact CSI Sales.

Academic Licensing

Academic Licensing is offered specifically for universities, and academic institutions. This multi-user license package allows educators to bring CSI software into their classrooms for research and educational purposes. Contact CSI Sales for more information.