SAP2000 Evaluation Request

Please provide the following information to proceed with your software evaluation request.

SAP2000 Evaluation Limitations:

  • Models created in the Evaluation version are not compatible with the commercial version, and vice-versa. The Evaluation version should not be used to start any real project.
  • Models created in the Evaluation version may not be accessible when the evaluation license expires or the evaluation version is updated.
  • The model and data cannot be imported or exported.
  • Output can only be viewed on-screen.
  • The number of load cases is limited to 5.
  • 64-bit analysis is not available
  • The Open API is not available.
  • The CSiLoadOptimizer is not available.
  • External plug-ins are not available.

NOTE: Evaluation versions of CSI Software are for non-commercial use only.

SAP2000 Evaluation Request

Please fill out the information requested below. A link to download the software will be sent to the email address provided.