SAPFire Analysis Engine

  • Blazing SAPFire analysis engine
  • Three solver options
  • Multi-processor, multi-threading support
  • Supports 64-bit machines

3D Analysis Model

  • Full 3-D model
  • Stiffness of columns, walls, braces, and ramps included
  • Columns, walls, and braces above and below the slab
  • Beams with flexural, shear, and torsional deformations
  • Orthotropic slab properties
  • Thick plate behavior with shear deformation

Deflection Control

  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Cracked analysis
  • Long-term cracked analysis considering creep and shrinkage
  • Initial conditions based on previous nonlinear load case

Dynamic Analysis

  • Modal frequency analysis using Ritz or Eigen vectors
  • Floor vibration analysis
  • Response spectrum loads and modes imported from ETABSĀ®

Object Based Meshing

  • Automated based on maximum element size
  • Meshes parallel and perpendicular to longest edge, grid system, or area local axes
  • Aims to maintains good element aspect ratios
  • Edge constraint connects mismatched slab meshes