Output Displayed with Mixed Units

  • Full control of the units used of all model data.
  • See results in the units that you are used to seeing them in.
  • Use architectural dimensioning.

Deformed Geometry

  • 3D perspective graphical displays
  • Static deformed and mode shapes animation of deformed shapes   
  • Users can display deformed geometry based on any load, or combination of loads.

Moment, Shear and Axial Force Diagrams

  • Force diagrams and stress contours
  • Story vertical loads, shears and overturning moments
  • Selective results displayed on-screen with right-button click
  • Tabular display of model input & output

Section Cuts

  • Graphical section cut definitions for forces and stresses
  • The resultant (free-body) forces and moments across any cut in the structure can be defined using section cuts.
  • A section cut can have any shape, and can be used to compute story shears, connecting forces, design forces in shear walls, and for many other purposes.
  • Section cut results can be obtained for all types of load cases and combinations.

Video Animations

  • ETABS has the ability to generate video (.avi) files to visually display a set of analysis results that vary over a particular time period, such as in a time history analysis.
  • Output plot functions include:
    • Base functions
    • Energy functions
    • Frame functions
    • Generalized Displacement functions
    • Joint functions
    • Link functions
    • Load functions
    • Section Cut functions
    • Shell functions

Shell Force and Stress Contours

  • Based on load case, load combination or modal case
  • Show resultant forces or shell stresses or any component in any direction
  • Control stress contour appearance:
    • Show on undeformed, deformed, or extruded shape
    • Transparency
    • Loading values

Reaction Diagrams

  • Display selected reaction components
  • Display as arrows
  • Display as tables that can be user-positioned
  • Results for load combinations and cases

Tabular Output

  • Tables for all input data, analysis results, and design results
  • Filter, sort, and query table data
  • Customize column data format
  • Hide unnecessary columns
  • Print or save tabular data to Access, Excel, Word, HTML, or TXT

Rendered Views

Rendered views can used to create very nice images to include in client reports. ETABS has multiple lighting options, shadows, and texture options to create life like looking images of your structures.